Professional activities


I am teaching live or online; from young professionals preparing for auditions to amateurs who love playing. I like to design a plan with each student according to their goals and ideas.


I like to teach from a broader perspective, I am interested in the music but also in the way you feel while playing the body, the expressions. And foremost; I love early music to its deep. 


Plataforms available: 

Zoom & Skype






One of the things I enjoy the most is to give lectures. As lectured I participated in different fields. I have presented different works that covers: Early Music related currents, such as Historical Ornamentation, The Professionalisation of Recorder from XIX-XXI; In the field of Western Esotericism: Madame Blavatsky and theory of colors in music. Music and Affects in XVIII. 


I have lectured as well for other seminars, workshops and pre college studies. This year I worked with TRANSLIMITE, working with actors and dramaturgs: Music and Teather; the development of Opera as theatrical play. Shakespeare and the Theory of Affects.